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Tudor Modules to choose:

Please choose 4 and let us know via e-mail during the booking process.

Module 1: Tudor Food

Experience the sight, taste and smell of Tudor fare in our Tudor kitchen. Understand the fragile nature of growing your own food. See how it was preserved, cooked, presented to whom and when. Learn and understand the influence of religion on the Tudor diet.


Activity: Taste different foods.

Module 2: Tudor Medicine

View our medicinal border in the walled garden and visit the apothecary to see how the sick, wounded and infirm were treated. Discover the mixture of science, religion and superstition that was Tudor medicine.


Activity: Tudor diagnosis with cabbage water.

Module 3: Tudor Garden

Explore our Tudor walled garden and learn how the Tudors used plants for food, clothes, dye, household activities and medicine.


Activity: Cleaning teeth and washing hands.

Module 4: Arms and Armour

Learn how to be a Knight, explore his armour and training, and study the skills of an English bowman.


Activity: Archery


Module 5: Tudor Schoolroom

Learn Tudor manners, practice your Latin, write with a quill, reading and maths Tudor style.


Activity: Role Play.

Module 7: Games and Dancing

Experience a range of leisure activities, maypole dancing, bowling, throwing horse shoes and quoits.


Activity: Playing and dancing.

Module 6: Daily Life

Learn the day-to-day skills needed by the Tudors including keeping themselves fed and clothed.


Activity: Weaving.


Module 8: Tudor Court Room

In our Tudor Court Hall hear the real cases from Tudor times heard in the actual room with the actual findings, and learn the accused fates. See the pillory and stocks.


Activity: Role play, be the Justice of the Peace, Jury, Constables and Accused.


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