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Module 1 - Knight School:


The life and times of a knight, learn how to be a knight look at the training with all the armour, weapons and test out your bowman skills.


Activity: trying on armour and Archery


Module 2 - Daily Life:


Look at how Normans fed and clothed themselves, what you would need to do to survive.


Activity: Weaving


Module 3 - Food:


What type of food? How was it produced? What different classes ate? What you eat when?


Activity: Food tasting


Module 4 - Norman Culture:


Where that went, what they did, ideas and beliefs.


Activity: Design of the times, Clay work


Module 5 - Artefacts:


Go digging for evidence. What objects you find can tell you. who would have used them? and what for?


Activity: Archaeological dig


Module 6 - Medicine:


How you would have been diagnosed and treated in Norman times. What do you think of the treatment?


Activity: Diagnosis and treatments


Module 7 - Crime and punishment:


Look at the laws of the time and what happened if you broke them.


Activity: Court session

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