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Medieval Modules:


Module 1 - Food:

A medieval peasant’s view of life, how he lived how he worked, life as a villain peasent, his rights and dues.


Module 2 - Arms and Armour:


Study the life of a Knight, explore his armour and training. Compare with the skills of an English bowman.


Activity: Archery


Module 3 - Medieval barns:


Explore the two oldest wooden barns in Europe (Cressing site visit) Barn tour, appreciate the buildings, get close up and look at how they were built, the skills and materials needed and their use on the Medieval farm.


Module 4 - The Medieval Garden:


Explore the garden, learn the purpose of plants therein, and understand the fragile existence of self-sufficiency in the medieval realm.


Activity: Clean teeth, wash hands, tastings.


Module 5 - Justice:


Look at Medieval court procedures; understand laws and punishments, right and responsibilities. How easy it was to become an outlaw. Activity: Role plays real cases in the court hall where they would have been heard with the outcomes and punishments.


Module 6 - The Templar Knights:

Explore our Templar site; look at their impacting the crusades, their campaigns and their demise.


Activity: Explore some documents relevant to the time, tour of site.


Module 7 - Medicine:


Explore our medicinal plant bed learn ways to stay health, explore the ties between medicine and religion.​


Activity: Diagnosis.

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