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Module 1: Artefacts, explore the artefacts, discuss uses, set and sort who might have used them, Question and answer session generated by artefacts.


Module 2: Food, explore a Roman Kitchen, look at food Romans brought us, look at when they ate, what they ate.

Activity: food tasting.


Module3: Clothes, Who wore what where, home in Italy, here in Britain, soldiers, slaves.

Activity: dressing up.


Module 4: Gladiator School, look at training of Gladiator, practices skills essential to appear in the arena.

Activity: 10 gladiator tasks.


Module 5: Clay work, make a Roman Oil lamp or a Roman pot


Module 6: Mosaics, look at this art form, design and make own mosaic.


Module 7: Daily Life here in Roman Britain, how Roman Britain lived, town life, villa farming.


Module 8: Arms and Armour, life of a roman solider on campaign, invasion of Britain.

Activity: explore arms, archery


Module 9: British resistance, Boudicca, tribe resistance, success and failure


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